If you are someone who is going to be traveling to the beautiful city of Hong Kong in the near future, or quite possibly, you are there at this very moment and are looking for great places to go, you should make sure that you save time to head on over to this temple.

Not only is it one of the oldest temples in Chinese history, but it is home to that of a famous monk, who dabbled in the religious views of Buddhism.

If you are someone who is looking to learn as much as you can about the culture of this country, then this is an amazing place for you to stop in.

The temple itself is extremely easy to gain access too, I know that this factor can be a breath of relief for many travelers who are not sure about things in other countries, or find that their places are hard to access, this is something that you will not have to worry about during your visit.

While there is not a fee to enter, most people would consider it rude not to leave a donation to the temple itself when you are planning to leave, like many churches throughout the world that is how they maintain the up keeping of the land mark itself and you should not forget to leave something, even if it is not a lot before you walk out the temple.

It is important to know before you do into the temple, that it is a very crowded place, not just from visitors, but the locals as well, if you think that it is somewhere that will be empty, you are wrong, in fact, at some points, you will not be able to find a spot to even stand, let alone pray.

It is important to learn how to pray for the religion of Taoism itself before you enter the temple, after all, you are going to want to get it right, since the temple is known to be a wishing well, what this means is prayers of all kind have been known to be answered when they are asked for during your time in the temple, everything from health, wealth and all of the specs in between!

This is a historical/religious site and is something that should be admired, no you are not going to have the time of your life here, but getting the chance to take in the architecture of their culture is something that should not be taken for granted, it is absolutely breath taking.

Besides being a place that people go when they are not feeling well, which is a common thing to see, it is also said to be a powerful energy field of sheer luck and all people who enter the temple will be blessed with this trait.

The temple is open seven days a week, so, being able to squeeze it into your stay should not be much of a problem, it is open from seven in the morning until five in the evening.

One of the only rules for being in the temple itself is that you must remain completely silent the entire time that you are in there and you have to be respectful of the other people and of the space itself, if you are not, they can ask you to leave.

While you are walking into the front entrance you will find that there are people who are set up out front, they are fortune tellers, yes, they speak a variety of different languages including English, they will tell you your future through the use of a hundred bamboo sticks.

If you are someone who loves culture or just want to go find peace, this is a place that if it is not already, NEEDS to be on your list!