If you are lucky enough to find yourself hanging out in Hong Kong, you should definitely make sure that you save enough time to head over to Victoria Harbor, you are going to be absolutely amazed, it is so beautiful, you guys, have no idea how breath taking the scenery is.

You are going to be in complete awe the entire time you are there, make sure you have enough room on your phones because the only thing you are going to want to do the entire time is take pictures and yet, you could look at the pictures all day and still they would not even come close to doing this place true justice!

It has been named one of the biggest attractions in Hong Kong, so, if you do not take my word for it, you could ask the one million people who went out of their way last year alone just to go visit, it is that beautiful and alluring you are not going to be able to see it all, even if you stayed in the area for a whole week, so, make sure that while you are exploring in the beautiful area that you keep your eyes open for things that you really want to do and make sure you check them off of your list because it is something worth going to go see, I cannot stress that enough!

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in the area during the second day of the lunar new year, well, then you are in a lot of luck because you will get to see the annual firework show that goes on over the harbor, it is absolutely amazing, if you have ever been in the United States for the fourth of July, then you are going to be completely shocked when you see how grand their show is, really, it is something that if you can plan your trip around it, I would really recommend it!

They are known for the beautiful night view, when all of the lights lining the harbor from ships, buildings, etc, are shinning brightly down along the waters edge, it will have you in a complete state of peace, it will remind you of something similar to walking out into the mind of an artist as they are building their newest master piece, it is truly a sight that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime and even after you have seen it, it will never feel like torture to witness it again!

Not only is the area around it beautiful, but they have daily public shows put on for your pleasure by the locals, they have amazing food that you are going to have to see to believe is even real and if you are interested in the Hong Kong film industry through the years, then you are going to love their Hollywood replication of the stars that created their film history that is lined down the street, you might not know any of them, but it is still something that you should experience first hand if you happen to pass by!