3 Ways to Fight the Hong Kong Heat

Summer is already here in Hong Kong. But the world-famous humidity of more than 90% is killing most of the people here because it only means that your back will be sweating like heavy rain after walking on the streets for 5 minutes during the daytime at 37 degrees Celsius. What should you do to fight the crazy heat and humidity? Here is some of my humble advice:

1. Flee to a Big Shopping Mall
Yes, going to a big shopping mall works perfectly because the average temperature of those malls can be as low as 19 degrees. It’s because most shopping malls are run by big conglomerates; the higher the amount of electricity consumed, the lower the average rate per kilowatt hour. When you get a sweating back, run to any shopping mall, and your body will become dry again in 2 minutes. However, don’t come out to the streets immediately after because you might catch a cold due to the instant change of temperature.

2. Go on a Boat Trip
If you’re not a big fan of the artificial arctic air from air-cons, go on a (crazy) boat trip to get some natural winds. Make sure the boat trip has people crazy enough to just jump into the water  to cool down their body temperatures and relax while the not-working-so-well hi-fi is rumbling the weekly Billboard Top 100 songs. If you’re too scared of jumping into the water but still want to instantly cool your body, then grab some ice (and then eat it!) from the fridge where everyone puts his or her beers and soft drinks.

On the contrary, going on a boring boat trip would only leave you with a sore throat because you have been singing karaoke for 4 hours—as that’s the only thing you can do while everyone just sits down, talks, eats sandwiches and drinks fruit juice!

3. Wear Clothes in Breathable Materials
You might like dressing up even on a Saturday brunch or Sunday-afternoon walk in the park. But it doesn’t mean that you have to wear long jeans, leather shoes (of course, with socks)  and sunglasses (probably with a pair of earphones to make yourself cooler) if you’re a guy. I’m sure others would see the fashionable side of you even if they saw you wearing a T-shirt and shorts!

If you’re a girl, don’t wear a cardigan, a hat or gloves in the hope of trying to protect your skin from the sunlight. It would be a Hong Kong myth if you didn’t feel like you were suffocating from doing it. Try to wear something light and something… proper. If you’re scared of sun exposure (and darker skin), staying at home drinking diet coke and watching a tear-provoking Korean drama might be better for you.

How do you combat the heat in Hong Kong? Please feel free to share your comments!