The Woman Who Wins a Boyfriend, Then Loses a Husband

Claire is a lovely petite Hong Kong girl with big eyes, black hair and a good heart. She’s not incredibly stunning, but her sweetness and warmth would melt any guys.

She’s at college with her best friend, Stephanie, whom she has known for years. Stephanie is an average-looking girl who wants to be more attractive, but she’s a nice friend to Claire.

Not surprisingly, Claire’s beautiful persona attracts some guys at her college. There’s a boy named Tony, also a mutual friend of Stephanie’s, who wants to chase Claire. Tony is not insanely good-looking, but tall and has a heart as warm as Claire’s.

Claire is not interested in Tony, though, guess it’s because Tony is trying too hard: calling Claire every day, asking her about her weekend plans, and waiting for her outside the lecture halls when the classes end just to grab lunch with her. Claire is not moved by all these efforts, she just doesn’t feel the chemistry between the two of them.

The Jealousy
Stephanie listens to what Claire tells her about Tony’s attraction to Claire. Stephanie always wishes that she was Claire. Stephanie starts to envy Claire of her having an admirer. The more Claire rejects Tony, the harder Tony tries, and the more jealous Stephanie gets. Stephanie’s jealously is threatening her friendship with Claire; she even develops resentment with Claire because Claire seems to have every attention from Tony, as if being a queen that can turn the world upside-down, because Tony would do whatever Claire told him to.

One year is already gone. Now, Stephanie is trying to attract Tony but Tony is still into Claire. Claire is neutral about this because Claire is not interested in Tony anyway.

The Plan to Win Her a Boyfriend
Stephanie’s got a plan. She told Claire to ask Tony out and humiliate him by making him pay for an expensive dinner then telling him that he’s stupid and retarded, then slap him on his face. Claire is angry at Stephanie’s stupid plan to make her do bad things to someone she’s not even interested in. Claire now knows the real Stephanie, a selfish young female. Stephanie is just a girl who “lacks humanity and only cares about opposite sex” (“有異性無人性” in Cantonese). “How could you ask your best friend to humiliate a guy who you like but I don’t like? It’s not my fault that he doesn’t like you and I’m not interested in stealing him from you!” Claire said to Stephanie.

Claire doesn’t execute Stephanie’s plan. Stephanie never stops, though. She calls Tony every day, crying on the phone with a miserable voice, telling Tony that she’s upset that no guys like him, and that she’s not beautiful enough. Tony is a simple guy and he feels sympathetic over Stephanie. Stephanie’s appearing vulnerable and weak moves Tony. Tony and Stephanie become couple. Stephanie wins Tony as her boyfriend, finally.

After the Victory
Tony and Stephanie is a cute couple, some quarrels at times, not much a big deal to a normal long-term relationship. Stephanie likes receiving jewellery from Tony as a gift. As a simple guy, Tony is not that rich but he’s happy to buy Stephanie gifts to make her happy. They’re together for almost three years now. Claire is still friends with Stephanie and is close enough to hang out with Stephanie occasionally.

Preparing for Marriage
Tony and Stephanie now want to get married. Stephanie has learned that Tony now belongs to her and Tony will do whatever she tells him to because he wants her to be happy.

After the couple get engaged, they start to prepare their wedding. Tony’s parents are nice enough to pay for the deposit of a new house for their son. In Hong Kong’s culture, “having a house” is one of the criteria for a girl to marry the guy. Stephanie is so happy that she gets a new house (actually, it’s Tony’s house), she even asks Tony to add her name as the joint owner of the house. Tony disagrees because the house is a gift from his parents. The couple goes on a fight.

Stephanie calls up Claire to ask Tony’s parents to change the ownership and put Stephanie’s name into the contract. Claire’s historical resentment of Stephanie’s stupid plan is back. Claire rejects.

The wedding still needs to be prepared. Stephanie, as usual, wants attention and so she asks Tony to pick a wedding venue that is as extravagant as possible. Tony has chosen ten possible venues for Stephanie’s approval. The lists include The Peninsula, The Conrad, a high-end Italian restaurant at Pacific Place and some more big names. All the venues Tony picked have alfresco dining area because Tony likes to see the sun. Stephanie is not happy because she wants a place without outdoor area because “her father is allergic to strong sunlight due to eye surgeries”.

“All the fancy places all have alfresco area and you like glamorous places, can you ask your father to wear a pair of nice sunglasses to avoid the sunlight? Or can we pick a less expensive place?” Tony asked. “No, I want fancy places,” Stephanie insists. After picking another ten nice places, Stephanie still isn’t happy with the choices. They goes on another fight.

Stephanie, as usual, calls Claire up to ask Tony to look for better places. Claire rejects to help Stephanie. “You’re a big girl, it’s your wedding not mine, can’t you do it yourself?” Claire told Stephanie.

Everything has a Limit
Even though she can live in a new house with deposit paid by others, Stephanie is not happy. Even though she can have twenty extravagant wedding venues to choose from that make her look like a princess, Stephanie is still not happy. She calls Tony’s parents finally to ask them to put her name under the new house’ ownership agreement, and asks the parents to pick a better venue, saying that their son’s choices of venues are “not impressive enough for her to make the most beautiful memory of her life”. Tony’s parents were furious about their soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

Tony’s fed up with Stephanie, finally. He decides not to get married with Stephanie. He thinks the Stephanie is a selfish woman who cares about her more than anyone else. She even forces his parents’ to give out his house to her. She’s already not respecting him to reject all of the wedding venue choices, now she even tortures his parents. This is unacceptable. “I’m done with you,” Tony told Stephanie.

Stephanie calls Claire up to beg Tony to come back and continue the wedding. Claire of course rejects and closes mobile phone in case Stephanie calls her again. Stephanie loses Tony, her soon-to-be husband. She loses him, forever.

A week later, Stephanie gets a text message from Claire, “if you took something that didn’t  belong to you in the first place, it wouldn’t become yours forever. The world is fair. Plus, I was your friend, not your safety button”.