If you live in America, you will find that when you go to other countries that things are a lot different than here in the states.

A big thing that is more common in other countries, is that sex is a much more open topic for conversation, so much so, that in fact, you can find sex toy vendors in the middle of the street and people here are not quiet about what they like to do in the bedroom.

In America, people like to keep their blinds closed at night when they are doing things that they think are unnatural or that should be kept a secret. Even prostitution is done in dark alley ways in the middle of the night in the worst part of towns and here, if someone was to find you out, your entire life would be ruined.

That is not the case there, in fact, sex is something that is very open and if you are not getting it from a partner, no one is going to look at you badly for being with someone who gets paid for having sex.

Women and men alike, both enjoy sex to a very unhealthy level sometimes, but there is nothing wrong with doing things that make you feel good or being able to live out your sexual fantasy in fact, it is said to be very healthy to act on these feelings.

There, you are going to find that out first hand, people love to make themselves feel good and be the healthiest version of themselves, one of the most healthy things you can do for your mind, body and soul is to interact in a sexual way with someone else – in other words have sex.

Not doing so on a regular basis can actually cause you harm, it can make you irritated, mean, rude, cruel, lash out on people, make you stressed, depressed and more likely to feel like you are worthless and rejected by others in your life.

This is not a situation that anyone wants to be in, so, making sex a common interest and something that is more open, they are actually helping the people in their community to live a long, healthy, happy life, not to mention, they do not have rape rates like America does, this is figured to be that people are not scared of sex there and it is not something that is used to place fear into someone when it is so widely accepted by people.

If you are going there to visit, be warned, you are probably going to be approached for sex, as well as establishments dedicated solely to prostitution. You may also see all sorts of shops selling sex toys everywhere you go. However, none of this should make you feel uncomfortable even though you may not be used to it.

If you aren’t interested in the sex toys, just take it as a new experience, and keep walking. Heck, such sex toy stores may even pique your interest, in which case you should not be ashamed to go into the stores and check them out.  Remember that you aren’t in America anymore, so there is no stigma that comes with buying sex toys.

However, note that I personally would recommend buying sex toys in the United States rather than in Hong Kong (or anywhere in Asia for that matter), as they are typically made with better quality overall. For example, blissfulcherry.com is one of the favorites of my girlfriend, who is very picky when it comes to sex toys. In any case, “shopping” around in Hong Kong can be a great way to dive into the world of sex toys in a fun and safe way. And if you find something that is really cheap, there’s no harm in splurging for it anyway!

Keeping an open mind is always important when traveling to a new country, and Hong Kong is no different. As long as you know what to expect, you can’t be caught off guard!