If you are going to Hong Kong, one of the places you have to check out without a doubt is Ocean park!

It is a family friendly theme park that you and every one else with you is absolutely going to adore!

It is beautifully set up, I mean, every direction you look you are going to fall in love with the scenery of something in the distance or right up and personal!

There are rides, entertainment and all the family fun you could imagine for a low cost, this is going to be an all day event and even then, I cannot promise that you will see everything that you want to see!

They have cable cars to help you get around the park, they are equipped with a smoking area and convent bathrooms!

It is right next to the Deep Water Bay and South China Sea, two water sources that you will love to visit on top of everything else going on in the park, let’s take a look at what they have going on!

It is divided into different themes, the first one is the whiskers harbor, this is one that you are going to have to see to believe now, I do not want to give too much away about the park because you are going to want to be surprised and get the full effect when you arrive, but they have twelve different attractions here at this theme!

Polar Adventure, this is a ice, winter wonderland theme, here you are going to be able to explore and enjoy four different attractions, its going to be a blizzard of a great time!

They have seven different attractions that are based solely around animals, this is going to be one of the kiddos favorite attraction spots, you will see why when you get there, trust me!

Thrill mountain, is one that all parties are going to be jumping with excitement to get to, you will have to go on all five of the rides to get the full thrill off this section, but they are all amazing and you will love them!

Make sure you stop by the rainforest area and get a glimpse at all five of their attractions that are going to make you feel like you walked into a different part of the world!

If that is not enough to get you ready to run out the door, make sure you head over to all twenty of their water themed attractions you will be able to find them in the sections of Aqua City and Adventure Land.

I am telling you guys right now, if you are planning to go to Hong Kong this is one place that you are going to have to spend the day, you are not going to be disappointed, it is absolutely phenomenal and you will wish that you could have stayed longer because I guarantee you will not be able to see it all in just one visit!

For more information, check out Ocean Park’s official website. Have the best trip ever and make sure that you stay safe!