Are you going to Hong Kong!?

Are you interested in experiencing the biggest thrills of your entire life!?

If so, you are going to have to go over to Macau Tower. This iconic tower in Hong Kong does have typical dining and shopping activities, but they are much more well-known for the “thrilling” attractions that scream adventure and excitement.

In this sense, Macau Tower is the ideal destination for any adrenaline seeker!

You are not only going to be able to have the option of going bungee jumping off of the world’s largest podium at one thousand one hundred and nine feet from the ground level below, but you are also allowed to go sky jumping, sky walking and climb the tower!

During all of these adventures you are going to find that you are getting an amazing view of the surrounding areas, it is going to be one that you will never forget, in fact, you are going to be so pumped up after going it that you might even go for a second time, that has been a common thing for a lot of people who come out to see the attraction themselves.

Could you imagine jumping off a thousand foot jump, with nothing more than a rope tied around your ankles, while you hit the peak of the descend, being able to look around and see nothing but the beauty view of the city, while the entire world is quiet, nothing will be heard other than the whistle of the wind that is pushing back along the structure of your face as you are free falling, until you are able to feel the slight tug of your body weight is pulled to a jerking stop before being shot back up halfway towards the sky, while the attraction begins to slowly come to an end as you are dangling head first above the waters edge, being able to peer down into the clear currents of sheer bliss!?

If that is not enough to make you want to jump on the next plane to head over to this attraction right now, then maybe you need a little extra shove, it is not that expensive to be able to do all of the attractions, so, not only are you going to get the thrill of a lifetime, but your wallet will not hate you afterwards!

This is a once in a life time opportunity that you are going to have to say that you experienced, if you have never been, but have always wanted to go, then this is the perfect time and place to cross this one off of your bucket list!

Go big or go home and why would you go home when you can jump from the worlds largest bungee attraction!

I am telling you guys right now, this is something that you have to see for yourself to believe, words and images of other people’s experiences can only take you so far, you need to feel the beauty and the wind for yourself while you are free falling through the air currents!

It is something that you will never forget and you will never find another bungee experience quite like this one!

So, what are you waiting for!?