Hong Kong is known to be one of the homes for people who are obsessed with food. Not only that, they are also known for producing an unbelievable array of food items. Here is a list of the best food in Hong Kong that you might want to try if you visit the country.
Fish Balls
Fish balls are round-shaped fish meat that many people in Hong Kong eat as their snacks. They are deep fried until the color changes from white to golden brown. They can be found in almost every 7-11 store in the city
Scrambled Egg Sandwich
Scrambled eggs are not special, huh? But wait, there’s more. Hong Kong’s scrambled eggs are not your typical eggs. They can manage to turn the egg into something fluffy, and finely layered. A classic egg sandwich is plump, not greasy, and most importantly, it’s full of “eggy” flavor.
Stinky Tofu
I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of a tofu before. But a stinky one? Brace yourselves, as you’re about get smelly.
Stinky tofu is one of Asia’s iconic weird food, as it has its weird stench. This stench results from fermentation of the tofu. It’s a very overpowering smell that you wouldn’t be able to get rid of it for weeks. You’ll be surprised because the people in Hong Kong are in love with the stink, and this is something you must try for yourself.
Cha Siu Bao
Do you love barbecue? If yes, then the Cha Siu Bao is the one for you. It’s really just a bun with barbecued pork which is stuffed into it. When you open the soft, steamed bun and then see the mauve filling of cha siu dices and an extra barbecue sauce that is spilling out, you’ll definitely fall in love with it.
Hong Kong Style French Toast
The Hong Kong French toast is the best food especially if you’re stressed and if you just want a warm and a deep fried hug. It’s a 2-piece toast that is slathered with peanut butter, or perhaps kaya jam and is soaked in egg batter. Then, it’s fried in butter. It is served with butter again, and a lot of syrup. Yum!
Too much of Hong Kong French toast might give you diabetes but it’s the best food combination – just the perfect soft and crispy, and sweet and savory.
Chicken Feet
They look disgusting? Yup. But do they taste good? Very. So, what’s there to hate about this food? If you visit Hong Kong, this is something you would want to try.
Cantonese-style “chicken feet” are deep friend and then stewed in black bean sauce. Its cartilage becomes soft until it has a “melt in your mouth” consistency. You should really try this out.
Typhoon Shelter Crab
A typhoon shelter in Hong Kong is used to harbor boat people who made houses on sampans. In this community, a distinct cooking culture became popular because it was centered on fresh seafood that is served with spices and of course wok hei.
Although there’s not a lot of these “boat people” left in the country today, their culture will remain to be relevant. You can try this out if you want to eat something spicy.